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Sense Analytics started in 2017 as a collaboration between Sorø Vand A/S, a Danish utility, and a group of external consultants specialised in data analytics. Sorø Vand had access to a great amount of data and was interested in whether this could be used to predict and detect new leak occurrences. This was the start of Sense Analytics, which was officially founded later, in 2018. We provide statistical analysis and visualisations that help utilities, regardless of national borders.


Our mission with Sense Analytics is to reduce waste and streamline processes in utilities. We believe that data, which is already being tracked, has an unfulfilled potential to do so. We are currently working with a range of water utilities in Denmark, developing a statistical tool to alert them about new leak occurrences. We use machine learning and advanced statistical analysis to analyse flow-data. This allows us to identify new leaks and inform the utilities accordingly. This, in turn, allows the utilities to react faster to new damages on the pipes and reduce the non-revenue water, benefitting both the environment and the bottom-line.

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